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China Unveils Powerful Laser Gun Which Hits Terrorist Targets in Just One Second

iSpeech Sputnik News China has developed a powerful new counter-terrorism laser gun, which can hit targets at 200 meters within one second. The weapon has a handset for aiming, a back pack containing the power supply, a remote control and laser emitter, the developer Hongfeng, a company affiliated with China Aerospace Science […]

Lockheed Martin Destroys Drones in Latest Laser Weapons Demo

https://www.ispeech.org Gizmodo Lasers are the future of war. And if this new video by defense company Lockheed Martin is any indication, that future is pretty damn close. Lockheed released a video showing off its latest tests of the 30-kilowatt class ATHENA (Advanced Test High Energy Asset) laser weapons system at the White […]