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Zap: How Electric Therapy Is Curing Navy SEALs of PTSD … And Could Remake Brain Science

Zap: How Electric Therapy Is Curing Navy SEALs of PTSD … And Could Remake Brain Science

TTS Patrick Tucker | DefenseOne | Source URL Hundreds of vets have tried out an experimental new treatment that could change how the world addresses mental disorders. Tony didn’t know what to expect when he walked into the Brain Treatment Center in San Diego, California, last spring. The former Navy SEAL […]

A better way to diagnose depression? Scientists can now ‘see’ mood disorders using brain scans

iSpeech The Daily Mail | Source URL Scientists can now see anxiety and depression by monitoring electrical signals in the brain, which could allow them to better diagnose and treat the mood disorders.   Both conditions are thought to be vastly under-diagnosed, and our methods of detecting them are highly subjective. […]

Hackers can use BRAINWAVES fed into gaming headsets to guess passwords and other private information

iSpeech.orgThe Daily Mail WHAT IS A BRAINWAVE-SENSING HEADSET? Brainwave-sensing headsets let you control on-screen and physical objects using just your mind. They electrodes to detect voltage changes in the brain’s outer layer, a technique known as electroencephalography or EEG. Devices must be trained to recognise users’ unique brain patterns. The first […]

Controlling Computers With Our Mind is Getting Easier…Slowly

iSpeech.org Daniel Oberhaus Motherboard MindDesktop is an order of magnitude faster than other mind control PC interfaces. Late last month, Elon Musk unveiled his grand plans for Neuralink, a company dedicated to creating a high bandwidth brain-machine interface—that’s right, we’re talking about controlling computers with your mind. The idea is […]

Mind control brain implants are real. Don’t be scared — they could do a lot of good.

iSpeech.org Kelly Kasulis Mic.com The idea of a microchip controlling the human brain might sound dark and dystopian, but these brain implants are more likely to promise a futurewhere people suffer less. U.K.-based microchip designer ARM is collaborating with the University of Washington on a chip that could help people with paralysis […]

Brain technology patents soar as companies get inside people’s heads

iSpeech.orgSharon Begley Reuters From ways to eavesdrop on brains and learn what advertisements excite consumers, to devices that alleviate depression, the number of U.S. patents awarded for “neurotechnology” has soared since 2010, according to an analysis released on Wednesday. Most surprising, concluded market-research firm SharpBrains, is that patents have been […]