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The ‘Wild West’ of genetic privacy: New technology enables law enforcement to use DNA from sites like Ancestry.com to track down criminals by finding their relatives

iSpeech.org Valerie Bauman | The Daily Mail | Source URL Scientists are expanding the methods by which law enforcement can use DNA information gathered through sites like Ancestry.com and 23andMe to solve crimes – and they’re raising ethical questions along the way. California detectives have already used DNA obtained through public […]

Forget passwords, ‘brainprints’ could be used to identify exactly who you are

iSpeech.org Mark Prigg | The Daily Mail | Source URL Humans have a unique ‘brainprint’ that doesn’t change throughout our life, researchers have found. Known as a ‘functional fingerprint’, it could help identify people, and can even tell if people are related – and distinguish between twins. It could also […]

Would YOU share your DNA with the government? US wants a million people to share their genetic data and health habits in controversial experiment

iSpeechAP via Daily Mail | Source URL Wanted: A million people willing to share their DNA and 10 years of health habits, big and small, for science. On Sunday, the U.S. government will open nationwide enrollment for an ambitious experiment: If they can build a large enough database comparing the […]