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Amazon TRACKED attendees at its AWS cloud service conference using Bluetooth beacons that were pre-installed inside their badges

iSpeech James Pero | The Daily Mail | Source URL Some attendees at a recent Amazon-run conference got an unwanted surprise in their event credentials. Motherboard reports that badges for people attending Amazon Web Services’s conference, called re:Invent were pre-installed with beacons that let Amazon track them as they traveled around […]

Amazon Is Now A ‘Cheap Mass Surveillance’ Dealer–It’s Selling Facial Recognition To U.S. Cops

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iSpeech Forbes Amazon chief Jeff Bezos received a letter Tuesday from the American Civil Liberties Union and its supporters. It demanded he stop selling a little-known service provided by the tech giant to U.S. law enforcement agencies: facial recognition, powered by artificial intelligence. The tool, dubbed Rekognition, can recognize up to 100 people […]