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Amazon Rekognition: Deep Learning Based Image A

From Amazon itself:

Amazon Rekognition makes it easy to add image and video analysis to your applications. You just provide an image or video to the Rekognition API, and the service can identify objects, people, text, scenes, and activities. It can detect any inappropriate content as well. Amazon Rekognition also provides highly accurate facial analysis and facial recognition. You can detect, analyze, and compare faces for a wide variety of use cases, including user verification, cataloging, people counting, and public safety.

Learn more about Amazon Rekognition, and look at the articles explaining to nefarious ways it is used to abuse the civil liberties of our citizens below.

Articles on Amazon Rekognition

The FBI is Trying Amazon’s Facial-Recognition Software

The FBI is Trying Amazon’s Facial-Recognition Software

https://www.ispeech.org Frank Konkel | NextGov | Source URL The FBI is piloting Amazon’s facial matching software—Amazon Rekognition—as a means to sift through mountains of video surveillance footage the agency routinely collects during investigations. The pilot kicked off in early 2018 following a string of high-profile counterterrorism investigations that tested the […]

Amazon’s Creepy Facial Recognition Doorbell Will Surveil Entire Neighborhood From People’s Front Doors

Amazon’s Creepy Facial Recognition Doorbell Will Surveil Entire Neighborhood From People’s Front Doors

iSpeech.orgTyler Durden | ZeroHedge | Source URL At first glance of Amazon’s new patent application, one would be tempted to think it no more than a built-in “smart” security system. But no, this facial recognition surveillance doorbell does a lot more than record would-be thieves. According to a new report, […]

Microsoft calls for regulation of facial-recognition technology

Microsoft calls for regulation of facial-recognition technology

text to speech Steven Musil | cNet | Source URL The tech giant warns the technology could be used to create a 1984-like dystopia. Microsoft is urging governments to enact legislation next year that requires facial-recognition technology to be independently tested to ensure accuracy, prevent unfair bias and protect individuals’ […]

Orlando Testing Facial Recognition Technology Provided Free by Amazon

iSpeech.org Joe Wolverton | The New American | Source URL Orlando, Florida, law enforcement is testing technology developed by Amazon, Inc. to keep the cities residents under constant surveillance, according to a story broken by Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed’s exclusive report details the police department’s potential deployment of Amazon’s Rekognition, the Seattle, […]

Documents shed light on how Amazon is shaping public discourse about Rekognition

iSpeech.org Kade Crockford and Emiliano Falcon | Privacy SOS | Source URL Midday yesterday, activists affiliated with immigrants rights groups NWDC Resistance and Mijente donned Jeff Bezos masks outside Amazon’s Seattle Spheres building to protest the tech giant’s collaboration with ICE. The activists demanded Amazon stop marketing and selling its […]

Orlando cops have begun a secretive SECOND trial of Amazon’s controversial facial recognition system

https://www.ispeech.org TIC Note: This is one of the research items on the flyers of Strike Out Targeting for a reason.  You can look up more information on the capabilities of Amazon Rekognition here.  The average reader of this website, would well know that the OPD would not have gotten rid […]

The Top Cloud-Based AI Services

https://www.ispeech.org Datamation | Source URL | Originally Published: Sept 11, 2018 The major cloud providers have each rolled out a cloud-based AI service. We take a deep dive on the big players, whose AI services are markedly different from one another. Businesses that want to use AI run into a major roadblock: […]

As facial-recognition technology grows, so does wariness about privacy. Use at a school in Seattle fuels debate.

Speech Synthesis Rachel Lerman | The Seattle Times | Source URL RealNetworks is offering schools a new, free security tool: facial-recognition software. But as the technology moves further into public spaces, it’s raising privacy concerns and calls for regulation — even from the technology companies that are inventing the biometric […]

Senators Join Activists, Shareholders, and Tech Workers in Demanding Answers About Face Surveillance

https://www.ispeech.org/text.to.speech Privacy SOS | Source URL In recent months the ACLU, Amazon shareholders, Microsoft, activists, scholars, and legislators have raised concerns about the use of facial recognition technologies in the United States. Today, despite a total lack of regulation, law enforcement uses face surveillance to identify and track people, private companies use the technology to authenticate customers, and […]

Amazon is Far More Dangerous and Powerful Than You Want to Admit

iSpeech.org Michael Krieger | Liberty Blitzkrieg | Source URL The sneaky thing about Amazon’s increased dominance in so many key aspects of our lives is that much of the perniciousness is hidden. No one’s going to tell you about all the retailers who have gotten pressured or destroyed via its […]

Hear No Evil, See No Evil: Amazon Pledges to Continue Selling Face Surveillance Tech To Cops

Text to SpeechPrivacy SOS | Source URL Last week, the ACLU of Northern California revealed that Amazon’s Rekognition face surveillance software identified 28 members of Congress as people who have been previously arrested for a crime. The only problem? They were false matches. Unsurprisingly, the 28 members of Congress falsely matched to […]

The Line Between Big Tech & Defense Work

iSpeech Wired | Source URL FOR MONTHS, A growing faction of Google employees has tried to force the company to drop out of a controversial military program called Project Maven. More than 4,000 employees, including dozens of senior engineers, have signed a petition asking Google to cancel the contract. Last week, Gizmodo reported that […]