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Notice Given, Mass Remedy Process in UK Initiated as Barnard Marcus Aims to Auction Home Property Stolen from Evicted Baby Protection Advocate D | The Everyday Concerned Citizen | Source URL News Updates on Neelu Berry’s Case & UK Mass Remedy Process September 17, 2018: Stolen Home Property Auctioned by Barnard Marcus Despite Public Notice at Auction | 2018/09/17 Report by Neelu Berry Notice Given, Mass Remedy Process in UK Initiated as Barnard Marcus […]

The TI Chronicles Talkcast Calls Update

https://www.ispeech.orgStarting on March 11, there will be two talkcasts, both starting at 7 PM EST. Sunday Night Activism (Talkshoe 145925): News, Activism, Planning Tuesday Night Fellowship (Talkshoe 144741): News, Bible Study, Christian Fellowship  Directions for calling up the Talkcasts Call (724) 444-7444 Then Dial the Appropriate Code, then # (i.e. […]

Round-Table/John Christiana, Dr. Katherine Horton, Karen Stewart – Suing Them[youtube] Open Conversation about how to sue the criminals hiding behind secrecy and national security and assaulting innocent civilians with deadly radiation weaponry as they traffick those they casually put “under surveillance” into unlawful terminal weapons-testing and neuro-experimentation contracts.

Whistleblower Nation: Episode 2: Karen Melton-Stewart[youtube] Episode No. 2 of Ella Free’s new podcast, Whistleblower Nation, recorded on September 23, 2017. Ella’s new show will be streamed live from Studio B of Revolution Radio, every Saturday from 1 pm to 3 pm Pacific Time (4 pm to 6 pm Eastern Time). In this episode, […]

Two Guys Who Know Some Stuff Talk Nano With Suzanne Maher Of Bye Bye Blue Sky

iSpeech [youtube] Suzanne Maher of Bye Bye Blue Sky spoke to the pioneers of nano research Tony Pantalleresco and his colleague Bryan396 about the nano technology in our food, water and air. They have been researching this subject for six years now. Both gentlemen were afflicted with the synthetic […]

Report #14: Elana Freeland – Takeover of Humanity: Transhumanism, Nanotech, 5G, Chem Trails, HAARP[youtube] Note: There are new age teachings in this, be warned. Elana Freeland, author of Chem Trails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, and the impending Under an Ionized Sky, discusses a wide variety of subjects starting from long-standing military weather modification programs, Hurricane Harvey and […]