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Biometric Scanning Has Rolled Out in Atlanta International Airport: “One Look And You’re In”

Meadow Clark | The Organic Prepper | Source URL Atlanta airport’s Terminal F has become the “first biometric terminal” in the United States. And Detroit is next… As of December 1, Delta Airlines rolled out biometric scanning for air travel at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), Terminal F. International […]

DHS-wide biometrics programs, issues, detailed in data mining report to Congress

The comprehensive, legally mandated new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Privacy Office’s Data Mining Report to Congress provides detailed updates on modifications, additions, and other developments to numerous department-wide programs that involve extensive data mining of biometric information to support DHS’s mission to protect the homeland, and provides examples of […]

National facial recognition database to use loyalty rewards to identify American shoppers

Mass Private I | Source URL For years, I have been warning people about facial recognition in retail stores, but this story might convince you to avoid retail stores altogether. A recent article in Biometric Update. com (BU) reveals that retail stores have a master plan to convince Americans to […]

National biometric database could be on the way (and in private hands)

Greg Nichols | cNet | Source URL AI-based facial recognition and fingerprinting are allowing new levels of authentication, but privacy advocates should be concerned. When a national fingerprinting company joins forces with a startup that authenticates identity using AI-based facial recognition and behavioral prediction in natural settings, the future of […]

Facebook says its controversial new $200 ‘Portal’ video-calling device DOESN’T listen in on users – but admits it will monitor how you use it to create targeted ads

Annie Palmer & Tim Collins | The Daily Mail | Source URL Facebook has admitted its $200 Portal device, which goes on sale today in the US, will monitor user activity to serve lucrative personalized ads to owners.  The firm claims it collects devise usage information to understand how Portal is […]

Documents shed light on how Amazon is shaping public discourse about Rekognition

Kade Crockford and Emiliano Falcon | Privacy SOS | Source URL Midday yesterday, activists affiliated with immigrants rights groups NWDC Resistance and Mijente donned Jeff Bezos masks outside Amazon’s Seattle Spheres building to protest the tech giant’s collaboration with ICE. The activists demanded Amazon stop marketing and selling its face […]

New York school district switches on controversial $4m facial recognition technology to identify potential shooters

Annie Palmerr | The Daily Mail | Source URL An Upstate New York school is using facial recognition technology to help it spot possible school shooters or escaped felons on campus.  Lockport City School District has installed a surveillance system in a high school, middle school and several elementary schools […]

Orlando cops have begun a secretive SECOND trial of Amazon’s controversial facial recognition system

TIC Note: This is one of the research items on the flyers of Strike Out Targeting for a reason.  You can look up more information on the capabilities of Amazon Rekognition here.  The average reader of this website, would well know that the OPD would not have gotten rid of […]

Armed drones, iris scanners, and smart glasses that can spot suspects in a crowd: China shows off high-tech security gadgets at Beijing expo

AFP | Source URL From virtual reality police training programmes to gun-toting drones and iris scanners, a public security expo in China showed the range of increasingly high-tech tools available to the country’s police. The exhibition, which ran Tuesday to Friday in Beijing, emphasised surveillance and monitoring technology just as […]

This AI can search for people by height, gender, and clothing in surveillance videos

Tristian Greene | The Next Web | Source URL A team of AI researchers from India developed a tool to search for people in surveillance footage by height, clothing color, and gender. It’s like a search engine that can find people in a video. The scientists used deep learning (and […]

Senators Join Activists, Shareholders, and Tech Workers in Demanding Answers About Face Surveillance

Privacy SOS | Source URL In recent months the ACLU, Amazon shareholders, Microsoft, activists, scholars, and legislators have raised concerns about the use of facial recognition technologies in the United States. Today, despite a total lack of regulation, law enforcement uses face surveillance to identify and track people, private companies use the technology to authenticate customers, and employers […]

‘Dystopia’ in Chinese Surveillance Looks a Lot Like US Surveillance

Jim Naureckas | The Antimedia | Source URL (FAIR) — There’s a category of  story we call “Them Not Us”—US media reporting on problems abroad, and seemingly not noticing that they have the same problems at home. There’s a great example of that in the New York Times (7/8/18), headlined “Inside China’s Dystopian Dreams: AI, […]

Amazon urged not to sell facial recognition tool to police

ABC News | Source URL Amazon’s decision to market a powerful face recognition tool to police is alarming privacy advocates, who say the tech giant’s reach could vastly accelerate a dystopian future in which camera-equipped officers can identify and track people in real time, whether they’re involved in crimes or […]