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New York school district switches on controversial $4m facial recognition technology to identify potential shooters

iSpeech Annie Palmerr | The Daily Mail | Source URL An Upstate New York school is using facial recognition technology to help it spot possible school shooters or escaped felons on campus.  Lockport City School District has installed a surveillance system in a high school, middle school and several elementary […]

Pick up poo or we take the dog: Chinese city rolls out ‘social credit’ system for pet owners

Pick up poo or we take the dog: Chinese city rolls out ‘social credit’ system for pet owners Sophia Yan | The Telegraph | Source URL Chinese cities are launching a scoring system for dog owners where anyone found failing to care for their pets could be forced to pay a fine – or even have their dog confiscated. The credit system is already being enforced in […]

US DOT tells self-driving shuttle company to stop transporting kids Looks like Transdev never got explicit approval for ‘school buses.’ Engadget | Source URL Sorry kids, neither you nor robots can be trusted. The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has told Transdev North America to stop hauling children around in its EZ10 Generation II […]

The ‘Wild West’ of genetic privacy: New technology enables law enforcement to use DNA from sites like to track down criminals by finding their relatives Valerie Bauman | The Daily Mail | Source URL Scientists are expanding the methods by which law enforcement can use DNA information gathered through sites like and 23andMe to solve crimes – and they’re raising ethical questions along the way. California detectives have already used DNA obtained through public […]

Online trolls and cyberbullies in NSW face up to five years in jail under law change

iSpeech Bellinda Kontominas | | Source URL Laws will be strengthened to protect people from cyberbullying and online trolling and keep up with changes to technology, the New South Wales Government has announced. The changes aim to address an emerging trend of offenders threatening and harassing victims online through […]

Police-Grade Surveillance Technology Comes to the Playground

Text to Speech Sidney Fussel | The Atlantic | Source URL As other elementary schools across the country were preparing for the new school year by cleaning classrooms and training teachers, Hermosa Elementary in Artesia, New Mexico, was also installing a network of wireless microphonesthat could pick up the specific concussive […]

Experts Say Keep Amazon’s Alexa Away From Your Kids Sam Biddle | The Intercept | Source URL WHAT’S THE BEST way to keep adults from questioning the use of a deeply problematic product? Get them started when they’re too young to question anything. Amazon has a new addition to its line of voice-commanded artificial intelligence Alexa assistants, marketed for use by children as […]