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Rentable Facial Recognition Robots Coming to a Conference Near You Mass Private I | Source URL Conference goers now have to be wary that robots will identify them everywhere they go. Corporations can now rent Chinese-made CloudMinds robots that can identify everyone on the conference floor. (To learn more about CloudMinds and China click here & here.) CloudMinds mission is […]

The real-life RoboCop! Californian police deploy crime-fighting droids to patrol the streets

The real-life RoboCop! Californian police deploy crime-fighting droids to patrol the streets Victoria Bell | The Daily Mail | Source URL California police have deployed a RoboCop style machine onto the streets to fight crime by monitoring and surveiling streets and parks. Dubbed the ‘HP Robocop’, it was unveiled this week by the Huntington Park police department to ‘keep a watchful eye […]

US military is trying to ‘breed’ an AI with the ‘basic common sense’ of a ten-year-old child as part of a $2 billion project

Text to Speech Voices Harry Petit | The Daily Mail | Source URL The US military is chasing a ‘third wave’ of artificial intelligence (AI) that will see robots endowed with the basic common sense of a 10-year-old child. Its research branch the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, is […]

Robotic Security Forces On Patrol In NYC Prompt Privacy Concerns For Some CBS New York | Source URL NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The security force of the future is already patrolling several neighborhoods in the Tri-State Area. The robotic protectors can see what you’re doing and even talk back to you, but the machines created by a New Yorker have prompted serious […]

US Army developing laser system to beam power to drones to keep them in the air indefinitely

Text to Speech Mark Prigg | The Daily Mail | Source URL US Army researchers are developing ‘everlasting’ drones that can stay patrolling the skies indefinitely. Instead of returning to base to recharge their batteries, a laser system could simply ‘beam’ power to them. The US Army’s Communications-Electronics Research, Development […]