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Cities Create New Ways to Expand Neighborhood Surveillance Programs

Cities Create New Ways to Expand Neighborhood Surveillance Programs

iSpeech Mass Private I | Source URL City and towns are creating new ways to expand neighborhood surveillance programs known as police cam-share programs. An article in The Baltimore Sun revealed that the Baltimore County Council wants more businesses and homeowners to purchase CCTV surveillance equipment. “The bill would create […]

Fire departments are ‘going dark’ and becoming secret public safety organizations

Fire departments are ‘going dark’ and becoming secret public safety organizations

Text to Voice Mass Private I | Source URL Across the country fire departments in Connecticut, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Illinois have begun encrypting their radio transmissions, effectively turning them into secret public safety organizations. The latest fire department to ‘go dark’ and hide its communications from the public is the Denver Fire […]

Team up your home surveillance camera with LVMPD to help catch the bad guys

Text to Speech NBC3 Las Vegas | Source URL LAS VEGAS (AP) — Surveillance cameras: It seems they are in service everywhere these days. At homes and businesses, these electronic eyes catch every move made in front of them. They are the reason local police came up with Project Safe Cam. […]

New bill could require NYPD to turn over body camera data If passed, the bill would also require the NYPD to provide individual breakdowns each time a body camera was used and explanations for why it failed to record Graham Rayman | New York Daily News via PoliceOne | Source URL NEW YORK — A pair of NYPD oversight bills will […]

DOJ awards $6M to advance nationwide community policing efforts Funds will support new approaches to preventing crime and promoting safe communities PoliceOne | Source URL WASHINGTON — The Department of Justice has awarded $6 million to law enforcement agencies and organizations across the country to advance community policing efforts, the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) announced Monday.  […]

KCPD South Patrol hosting neighborhood watch training to promote community policing

Convert Text to SpeechKSHB Kansas City | Source URL KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City police at the South Patrol Division want to shed a little light on how to keep your community safe.  They’re hosting neighborhood watch training Wednesday evening.  Police say neighborhood watches create more awareness, prevent crime and […]

Boston police create new bureau to expand community policing in the city

Powered by iSpeech Meghan E. Irons and John Ellement | Boston Globe | Source URL Boston Police Commissioner William G. Gross Monday unveiled a new Boston police bureau aimed at enhancing the city’s community policing strategy that will be led by a veteran of the department. Nora Baston, who holds the […]