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Grocery stores turn to robots during the coronavirus CNN | Source URL New York – Local grocers and big chains alike are deploying robots to clean floors, stock shelves and deliver groceries to shoppers during the coronavirus. Grocers are searching for ways to reduce pressure on store workers and increase efficiency amid a surge of shoppers visiting […]

Mind-reading AI turns thoughts into words using a brain implant

iSpeech Jason Arunn Murugesu | New Scientist | Source URL An artificial intelligence can accurately translate thoughts into sentences, at least for a limited vocabulary of 250 words. The system may bring us a step closer to restoring speech to people who have lost the ability because of paralysis. Joseph […]

Lawmakers Push Again for Info on Google Collecting Patient Data

Lawmakers Push Again for Info on Google Collecting Patient Data

iSpeech Sens. Blumenthal, Cassidy and Warren say questions remain unanswered on the tech giant’s health-care project known as ‘Project Nightingale’ Rob Copeland  | The Wall Street Journal | Source URL A bipartisan trio of U.S. senators pushed again for answers on Google’s controversial “Project Nightingale,” saying the search giant evaded […]

Houston’s Mayor Turner Partners with Tech Companies to Build a Surveillance City

iSpeech Derrick Broze | The Conscious Resistance | Source URL Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo have announced a call for $8.5 million in funding for new “technological enhancements”, including working with Amazon’s Ring doorbell camera and Shotspotter. Journalist Derrick Broze shared these concerns with Houston […]

Lindsey Graham has started interviewing witnesses in FISA abuse investigation Tim Pearce | The Washington Examiner | Source URL Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham has started deposing witnesses in his committee’s investigation into abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act during the 2016 election. The South Carolina Republican told reporters on Tuesday that he had begun conducting closed-door depositions […]

UN report shines light on psychological torture Mia Swart | Al-Jazeera | Source URL A new United Nations report has set out a comprehensive definition of psychological torture for the first time. An advance, unedited version of the report – titled Torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment – which was released late on Monday, gives a comprehensive legal framework […]