Day: June 27, 2020

Amazon Unveils Augmented Reality to Enforce Social Distancing in New Norm for Corporate America

portuguese text to speech Raul Diego | MintPress News | Source URL Should you be one of the dozens of people working minimum ten-hour shifts at Amazon’s fulfillment center in Kent, Washington these days, you might very well be at the vanguard of the “new normal” for American blue collar […]

Massive Spying Operation Targeting Millions Of Google Chrome Users Tied to Israeli Firm

Text to Speech Demo A massive spying operation deemed “the most far-reaching malicious Chrome store campaign to date” targeting millions of Google Chrome users has been linked to an Israeli firm, according to a report from researchers at Awake Security. From Reuters, “Exclusive: Massive spying on users of Google’s Chrome shows […]

IRS says it bought in to location database for millions of US cellphones to track tax crime suspects Xeni Jardin | Boing Boing | Source URL The United States Internal Revenue Service says it purchased access to a marketing database that offers location data for millions of US cellphones, so the IRS can identify and track persons suspected of tax-related crimes. The unsuccessful effort illustrates how marketing […]