Day: January 14, 2020

National Security Agency finds ‘extraordinarily serious security vulnerability’ in Microsoft’s Windows 10 that could affect 900 million users – and tells tech giant rather than weaponizing the flaw

Convert Text to Speech Stacy Liberatore | The Daily Mail | Source URL The National Security Agency (NSA) is starting the year off on the right foot by alerting Microsoft to a flaw in its Windows 10 operating system, instead of secretly weaponizing it. The intelligence agency discovered ‘an extraordinarily […]

Walmart welcomes the robot takeover by using machines to fulfill grocery orders and adding shelf-scanning devices to more than 650 stores in a bid to take on Amazon

Text to Speech Demo The Daily Mail | Source URL The Arkansas-based firm is using robots to fulfill grocery orders in one of its Supercenters and is set to add shelf-scanning machines to 650 additional stores by the end of the summer. The shift is aimed at reducing costs, improving […]