Uber will reportedly audio-record rides for safety

Uber will reportedly audio-record rides for safety

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Sean Keane | cNet | Source URL

Uber will apparently start recording audio during rides in the US, as part of the ride-hailing company's recent safety push. The feature will let users opt in for trips and come with a warning that journeys can be recorded, the Washington Post reported Wednesday.

The company will pilot the feature in Brazilian and Mexican cities in December, and it will share recordings with law enforcement upon request, Reuters reported earlier this month.

The past few years have seen hundreds of Uber passengers and drivers alleging sexual assault during rides -- a number of lawsuits have been brought against Uber by people saying they were raped or groped by drivers.

Neither riders nor drivers will be able to listen to the recordings, the Post noted, and the audio will be encrypted for privacy purposes. After a trip, people will apparently get the chance to report a safety incident and send the recording to Uber customer support agents, who'll assess the situation.

Uber didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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