Day: May 31, 2019

Edward Snowden: With Technology, Institutions Have Made ‘Most Effective Means of Social Control in the History of Our Species’ Common Dreams | Source URL NSA whistleblower says “new platforms and algorithms” can have direct effect on human behavior NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden said Thursday that people in systems of power have exploited the human desire to connect in order to create systems of mass surveillance. Snowden appeared at […]

US Universities And Retirees Are Funding The Technology Behind China’s Surveillance State Ryan MAC , Rosalind Adams, | Buzzfeed News | Source URL Millions of dollars from US university endowments, foundations, and retirement plans have helped fund two billion-dollar Chinese facial recognition startups: SenseTime and Megvii. The Chinese government is using their technologies to surveil and profile its own citizens. HONG KONG […]

Police To Use TSA-Style Scanners To Spy On People In Public Places

iSpeech Mass Private I | Source URL TSA-style body scanners are coming to public spaces, and that should scare the hell out of everyone. If you thought the NYPD’s Z-Backscatter vans and police mini-Z’s were intrusive, you have not seen anything yet. Soon, nowhere will be safe from Big Brother’s prying […]