Smart City Designed App Will Let Everyone Know If You Are Speeding

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A misleading article in WSAZ3 News titled, "New app targets distracted drivers with traffic alerts" would lead you to believe that the makers of the app are actually concerned with everyone's safety, but of course that is not the case.

Have you ever wanted an app that lets Big Brother know when you are speeding and where you are going in real-time?

If you have, then your wait is over.

A new app called TravelSafely, sends warning signs to your smartphone for everything from your speed in a school zone to a light that’s about to change.

"While we often look to the government to solve public safety issues, we decided that part of the solution lies with the transportation private sector working with the public to create real changes in how we manage travel safety. Marietta, Downtown Atlanta and Tuscaloosa are the first smart cities to deploy the TravelSafely App."

TravelSafely, has decided to help Big Brother out by solving public safety issues, like letting everyone know where you are and how fast you are traveling in real-time.

"The app connects you with smart cities, other motorists, pedestrians and cyclists so that you can get where you’re going quicker and stay safe."

TravelSafety claims to be "a community of likeminded citizens who are committed to making the roads safer" so how do they plan on doing this?  By finding likeminded citizens (law enforcement) who want to know how fast you are going.

The app "will warn you if you’re traveling too fast or speeding in an active work zone and it will also warn if you are traveling too fast around dangerous curves."

Who needs Waze, when this app will broadcast your speed and direction to other motorists and law enforcement?

Unfortunately, Big Brother's reach does not end there because this app will "warn you if there’s a cyclist on the road ahead and warn you of pedestrians in the crosswalk ahead if it detects you aren’t going to stop."

It even "notifies motorists and cyclists if an emergency vehicle is approaching, and from what direction." How is that for creepy?

How the app determines if you were not going to stop, is unclear but I am sure law enforcement could use that information to charge a motorist with failure to stop for a pedestrian or yield to an emergency vehicle as well as speeding.

In the not-too-distant future, cars will come equipped with spying apps like TravelSafely and TSA biometric scanners installed in vehicle infotainment systems. Tomorrow's cars will also use V2X technology to talk to other cars and law enforcement in real-time. Toll booth facial recognition cameras and license plate readers will track our every movement all in the name of public safety.

Just last month, the TSA and law enforcement wrongfully claimed that airline passengers will need to provide a REAL-ID card to travel across America and if we are not careful the same thing will happen to cars, trains, and buses.

Being spied on everywhere we go is a dystopian nightmare that will soon rival China's oppressive social credit system.

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