Future of home security or creepy surveillance tool? Panasonic’s smart lamp has an in-built ‘secret’ camera

Future of home security or creepy surveillance tool? Panasonic’s smart lamp has an in-built ‘secret’ camera

Thomas Austin-Morgan | The Daily Mail | Source URL

Panasonic is working on a floor lamp which incorporates a security camera with a floor lamp. 

The device is designed to allow homeowners to monitor their properties without having to install obvious, wall-mounted cameras.

But it has raised privacy concerns with the potential use by landlords or AirBnB owners to spy, record and exploit unknowing tenants.

The lamp has been dubbed ‘HomeHawk Floor’ and its svelte design may raise issues for renters. 

Airbnb’s terms and conditions, for example, state hosts are required to inform inhabitants of any cameras or other recording devices. 

Panasonic’s design means that, if a person is to closely inspect the device, they will be able to spot the large, wide-angled lens pointing into the room.

An Indiegogo campaign has been launched by Panasonic to introduce the product and collect feedback from potential customers, Android Police reports.  

Though no funding target has been set, the ‘super early bird’ offer of $185 (£140) has sold out with the unit currently listed at $199 (£150) — still $80 (£60) cheaper than the expected launch price.

The device comes in two, four or six foot height options, allowing it to be placed on shelves as well as free-standing.

According to Panasonic, the camera’s 140-degree wide-angle lens should offer full coverage of most rooms, depending on where it’s placed. 

The motion-activated camera can record in full HD — including at night using colour night vision technology.

Recording is initiated two seconds prior to any motion sensor activation and can be watched back in real-time via the HomeHawk app, on Android and iOS devices.  

A built-in microphone and speaker means homeowners can ‘communicate’ through the lamp and it is said to be compatible with ‘major voice assistant services’, which presumably means Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. 

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