Day: September 26, 2018

NSA Whistleblower Reality Winner Was Held In Isolation For A Week And No One Has Explained Why Taylor Brown | The Intercept | Source URL NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY whistleblower Reality Winner was kept in isolation for a week in a Florida county jail, a move that left her “hysterical,” according to an advocate who visited her in the facility. On Monday, Winner was moved from her isolated […]

Tiny super-strong robot ‘caterpillar’ with the equivalent strength of a human able to lift a 26-seat MINIBUS delivers drugs into the body by crawling inside using hundreds of hairy legs (but you have to SWALLOW it first) Harry Petit | The Daily Mail | Source URL A tiny robot with ‘caterpillar’ legs could be used to carry drugs inside the human body. Researchers behind the technology say it has the equivalent strength of a human able to lift a 26-seat minibus. It can adapt to adverse […]

UK intelligence agencies acted ‘unlawfully’ when spying on NGO campaigning against them – court

iSpeechRT | Source URL British intelligence services acted unlawfully when they spied on a UK-based NGO, Privacy International, the UK court that handles surveillance cases against the government has stated. The domestic security service MI5 attained and read various private communications data belonging to Privacy International. The revelations came at […]

Former Google Scientist Tells Senate to Act Over Company’s “unethical And Unaccountable” China Censorship Plan

iSpeech Ryan Gallagher | The Intercept | Source URL A SCIENTIST WHO quit Google over its plan to build a censored search engine in China has told U.S. senators that some company employees may have “actively subverted” an internal privacy review of the system. Jack Poulson resigned from Google in August after The […]

Congressman Exposes Gov’t Using “Human Trafficking” Act to Warrantlessly Spy on Innocent Citizens Rep. Amash called the bill “a disguised effort to expand the Patriot Act” that would give the government more power to illegally spy on innocent Americans. Rachel Blevins | The Free Thought Project | Source URL The United States House of Representatives is preparing to vote on a bill […]