SmartDrive claims in-cab truck surveillance cameras are “saving the planet”

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Last week I thought I saw it all when, I learned that Waldo Photos is trying to convince parents that "facial recognition at summer camps is fun."

I thought, things could not get any crazier.

That was until I heard of a company called SmartDrive Systems (SDS).

According to SDS's own video, truck drivers who don't want in-cab surveillance cameras "have something to hide!"

SDS is trying to use scare tactics to convince truck drivers that in-cab surveillance cameras are for their safety.

SDS cameras do more than just record what is happening in the cab of a truck.

According to an article in Talk Business & Politics, SDS cameras record when a truck driver speeds, brakes, takes a U-turn or takes a corner and their seat belt usage.

"Trucks with in-cab cameras monitored by SmartDrive Systems start recording when a driver is speeding or hard braking or cornering."

The article also reveals that SDS gives each driver a "safety score."

"SmartDrive uses three key performance indicators to determine how it’s improving a fleet’s driver safety: a driver’s safety score, the percentage of coaching events and the effectiveness of the coaching sessions." (Click here to learn more.)

Why do trucks need outward facing surveillance cameras and what happens to the footage?

What outrageous claim could SDS come up with, to justify turning trucks into mobile surveillance platforms?

SDS claims surveillance cameras are saving the planet

SmartDrive's claim, that their surveillance cameras "save countless lives and are saving the planet," is preposterous.

It reminds me of Volkswagen's 'Golden Sisters' emissions scandal video that claimed their 'clean' diesel engines were saving the planet. 

The real reason SDS, wants companies to install their surveillance cameras is so business owners can spy on their drivers and improve their bottom line.

SDS offers numerous types of surveillance programs like their SmartDrive SmartIQ Streams and SmartDrive SmartIQ Pro Services which claims to optimize fuel economy and more.

Some of SmartDrive's selling points, include things like measuring driver performance, idling analysis, speed bracket analysis and driver misuse of vehicles whatever that means.

Do you really think truck drivers need another form of surveillance?

Think about it, most companies have GPS and ELD devices installed in all their trucks.

ELD devices are incredibly intrusive and offer law enforcement real-time access to a truck drivers travels. (To find out about ELD devices click here and here.)

School buses are no different and perhaps even more intrusive.

School buses have GPS devices, in-cab surveillance cameras and are also outfitted with stop sign cameras.

Don't believe the hype, what all these surveillance programs have in common is control. Whether it be control of truck drivers, children at summer camps or the general public.

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