Day: August 2, 2018

Hear No Evil, See No Evil: Amazon Pledges to Continue Selling Face Surveillance Tech To Cops

Text to SpeechPrivacy SOS | Source URL Last week, the ACLU of Northern California revealed that Amazon’s Rekognition face surveillance software identified 28 members of Congress as people who have been previously arrested for a crime. The only problem? They were false matches. Unsurprisingly, the 28 members of Congress falsely matched to […]

A police run non-profit has created a national tracking program called “Place of Last Drink”

iSpeech Mass Private I A non-profit association of law-enforcement personnel is being used to track where people drink and much more. Iowa is preparing to use the National Liquor Law Enforcement Association’s (NLLEA) “Place of Last Drink” or POLD to collect data on businesses and drivers. “Officials with the Iowa agency that approves liquor […]