Day: July 31, 2018

Federal Whistleblowers Expose TSA’s “Quiet Skies” Secret Surveillance Program for ALL Travelers

brazillian text to speech Nicholas West | Activist Post | Source URL It appears that, once again, the government narrative that TSA surveillance and groping is needed to keep Americans safe from the terrorists “over there” is nothing but a justification to violate the rights of everyone. Thanks to a […]

Twitter asks academics to help it kill off toxic tweets with algorithms Annie Palmer | The Daily Mail | Source URL Twitter is finally taking stock of the quality of conversation happening on its platform.  The social media giant is partnering with a group of researchers from academic institutions around the world to assess the severity of Twitter’s ‘echo chamber’ problem and […]

China Explores Using Artificial Intelligence To Help Shape Its Foreign Policy

iSpeech Aaron Kesel | Activist Post | Source URL China is using artificial intelligence as a tool to help it decide its foreign policy, detaching from the emotions of useless humans that get in the way of the thought process. What could possibly go wrong allowing A.I. to help decide […]