Day: July 13, 2018

‘Dystopia’ in Chinese Surveillance Looks a Lot Like US Surveillance Jim Naureckas | The Antimedia | Source URL (FAIR) — There’s a category of  story we call “Them Not Us”—US media reporting on problems abroad, and seemingly not noticing that they have the same problems at home. There’s a great example of that in the New York Times (7/8/18), headlined “Inside China’s Dystopian Dreams: […]

Strange ‘Sonic Attacks’ Against Diplomats Reach Epic Proportions The bizarre “sonic attacks” against diplomats began in Cuba, but have now spread to other countries with over 200 illnesses reported. It all started in the fall of 2016 when diplomats at the United States Embassy in Cuba reported some hearing loss and mild brain damage after hearing unusual and puzzling sounds. […]

Zoos to install checkpoints, search visitors and bags Mass Private I The never-ending push to turn every public venue into an extension of the Police State is now moving to zoos. Their justification, public safety of course. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo wants to install checkpoints, metal detectors, bag searches and much more. Last month the Smithsonian sent a security proposal to […]

China, Russia, and the US Are All Building Centers for Military AI Patrick Tucker | Defense One | Source URL But their burgeoning approaches to state-sponsored research are divergent as the countries themselves. Russia and the United States are moving closer to opening their own centers for military-related research into artificial intelligence, as China did in the spring of last year. But […]

CDC joins investigation into ‘sonic attacks’ in China, Cuba against U.S. personnel Boing Boing | Source URL The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will join a government investigation into ‘sonic attacks’ that have left more than 25 U.S. personnel with mysterious ailments. The bizarre incidents have baffled scientists and government investigators since they were made public last year. The U.S. has […]