Things to know about ‘targeted individuals’, one of the internet’s most wild conspiracies


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But it's not just the dangerous drug-lacing that's odd, the contents of the flier are also strange.

The fliers warn of a widespread CIA conspiracy to torture people with invasive surveillance and microwave attacks.

Known as "targeted individuals," the internet is home to this relatively new network of people who believe they are being spied on and blasted with government, or possibly alien, technology.

The flier urges readers to visit the website of Targeted Justice, an advocacy group for victims of this imaginary "Deep State" harassment.

To get a better understanding of the movement, if it can be called that, did some research on so-called targeted individuals.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office sergeant who was hospitalized from the flier has been released from care.

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One Reply to “Things to know about ‘targeted individuals’, one of the internet’s most wild conspiracies

  1. Your 8/29/18 ball park flyer event is an excellent idea. I have been telling those blogging about lawsuits, complaining to law enforcements, etc that they are wasting their time.
    To be successful in our quest for justice, we must examine the means & methods of THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT , THE WOMEN SUFFRAGE MOVEMENT, AND THE LBGTQ MOVEMENT, WHICH IS STREET ACTIVISM.
    Pander to the common man on the street, and NOT the media. THERE MUST BE A CALL TO ACTION BY THE MASSES ONCE AWARENESS OF THE SITUATION IS EFFECTIVELY COMMUNICATED. THIS WAY WILL BRING FASTER RESULTS THAN ANY LETTERS TO WHOMEVER, Lawsuits, etc. The latter is a circus. You’ll probably will not live long enough to see justice. Its a limbo trap where you are jerked around for decades before a negative ruling is issued. It took a judge 10 yrs to issue an adverse ruling on Karen Stewart’s complaint against her former NSA Employer.
    They will stall, and dilate cases on purpose.
    The judges are told what to do. Even if they appear to be fair along the way. Its all a kabookie (sic) theater. Like MLK Jr, we may not be alive to see justice, but nevertheless let us prepare the way for it like John The Baptist did for Christ. This is not just a struggle for TIs, but for the very heart & Soul of the world
    against universal torture, evil, greed, avarice, deceit, and anti-humanism.
    May God guide our work. So Mote It Be.

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