Statement From Karen Melton Stewart of Targeted Justice on The Flyer Incident


“Targeted Justice is a human rights organization. We stand for the  US Constitution and the American values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the importance of the inalienable rights of the individual. We stand against cruelty, violence and injustice wherever it comes from, even from a perversion of authority. We thus far have a membership of over 500 and are growing. All are victims of a staggering range of human rights violations, and as such, we do not endorse any activity that could endanger or harm another human. We were quite relieved to hear that the officer who allegedly came into contact with a tainted flyer bearing our information, is perfectly fine.  We are awaiting more information as to who may have printed off the flyer in question  from our website, where it is readily available to anyone. And who, if anyone may have somehow put a noxious substance on it for unknown purposes, which we have been informed is a common street drug, common in any police or sheriff‘s department evidence storage.
When an organization puts together an informative flyer it is not logical to scare people away from reading it. We can only assume, this was a desperate move done to censor information the public needs to know for its own safety.
In regard to our group being reported as antigovernment, it is truly alarming to see people in the press jump to illogical conclusions without consulting anyone in our organization. Our core, founding members are  spread all over the country and are a combination of entrepreneurs, two Federal workers, one retired, an older legal student on his second career, and other highly educated professionals. I personally spent my career as an intelligence analyst with the National Security Agency, so dedicating one‘s life to the protection of one‘s country can hardly, logically or correctly be called anti-government.
We await a full and complete investigation of this incident and support the prosecution of anyone who would harm an innocent person. At this point in time, members Ella Free and Karen Stewart are the only members authorized to speak for Targeted Justice.“
Note: The document below was issued on June 28, 2018.

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