Golden Nest: What Is The Ideal Roommate?

Reginald Dawson | Golden Nest

What is the ideal roommate? Before I answer that question the word ideal is rarely, if ever, connected to the life of a TI. We endure intrusive focus that is difficult for the “ideal’ mind to ever conceive. Many of us are gang stalked 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. A normal day is never really a normal day. If the “program” had its way, we would never talk to another human being in an engaging way again.

So what is the best policy in living harmoniously with others? The goal is to find some since of normalcy. And it’s never normal or possible for someone else to make you happy. This is a point worth making. Too often we find ourselves connected to someone, either by common interest or thru conversation. For whatever reason boundaries are either not established are not adhered to. When boundaries are overrun the fabric of any relationship transitions from a place of harmony and synergy to one or both persons taking a more defensive posture.

All of what may ensure can be avoided if we understand and acknowledge that some days are better than others. Don’t be offended if someone needs a little space. Encourage them to connect with their inner self. For those of us that are spiritual, find occasional peace with your higher self and higher authority. Love on you some.

Establishing and maintaining optimal mental health can be challenging even under the best of circumstances. If you can’t function in a way that offers dialogue, cooperation and serenity it matters less how others might interact with you. When you are in a combative mode it makes for a more intense and stressful environment…for all concern. Know where and how to find your peace.

Who is the ideal roommate? It starts with someone who has exercised his/her personal demons. We are cognitive (TI’s by nature). Sometimes we over think, and that can create tension where none existed. Guard your mind and your health by all cost and never let anyone rob you of balanced mental health…not even yourself.  

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