Jacksonville 7 Leader Announces Launch of “Golden Nest” Real Estate

Reginald Dawson
Golden Nest

Golden Nest specializes in offering clean, quiet, comfortable, affordable and SAFE rooms to rent. I, Reginald Dawson am a TI and thru extension understand many details necessary for Targeted Individuals to consider in the selection process. My ultimate goal is to develop existing properties into TI incubators.

One of the reasons many of us cannot find self-actualization is because of our quality of life at home (or lack thereof). We are able bodies…able minds…but depending on our level of targeting, gangs talking, DEW weapons, non-traceable poisons, etc. not only can these things paralyze us physically and emotionally, they can be life threatening. The forces that enact such horrendous programs are indeed formidable with no conscious. The main reason we fall suspect able to targeted activity is because we are dispersed, unorganized and are not unified in the area of living accomodations.

Living in close proximity to others with like challenges provides instant value. The strength brought to your evidence of proving being violated thru others is a missed necessity and could be pivotal in regaining your life. Bouncing ideas off others creates an environment that can lead to tangible results.

There is a growing trend in society at large for downsizing. People are needing less space. Shared space can be economical and rewarding under the right set of circumstances. Less can be more. If your needs include a well-furnished room, privacy and liable and trusted neighbors, this style of living should not be ignored.

Another great opportunity in living with likeminded people is to find synergy regarding goals, aspirations and even hobbies. We are cognitive. Our intellect remains intact with most of us. We can direct change in our lives and in the lives of others. Our time has come. Our time is now.

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