Month: June 2018

Bizarre ‘Sonic Attack’ Symptoms Reportedly Spreading to US Diplomats Around the World

Powered by iSpeech Gizmodo | Source URL For more than 18 months, US diplomats have come down with similar illnesses that include mild brain damage and hearing loss after they claim to have heard unusual sounds. The incidents began in Cuba but reports have now spread to other countries. As […]

Things to know about ‘targeted individuals’, one of the internet’s most wild conspiracies

iSpeech The Houston Chronicle | Source URL But it’s not just the dangerous drug-lacing that’s odd, the contents of the flier are also strange. The fliers warn of a widespread CIA conspiracy to torture people with invasive surveillance and microwave attacks. Known as “targeted individuals,” the internet is home to […]

Statement From Karen Melton Stewart of Targeted Justice on The Flyer Incident

iSpeech “Targeted Justice is a human rights organization. We stand for the  US Constitution and the American values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the importance of the inalienable rights of the individual. We stand against cruelty, violence and injustice wherever it comes from, even from a […]

Harris County sergeant treated after touching fentanyl-laced flyer, officials say

iSpeechRead Targeted Justice FB Click2Houston | Source URL HOUSTON – A Harris County sergeant received treatment Tuesday after touching a flyer laced with fentanyl, according to officials. Investigators said the flyers were found about 1 p.m. on the windshields of about 12 vehicles parked on the street at the department’s […]

The Wiretap Rooms The Intercept | Source URL The Secrets Are hidden behind fortified walls in cities across the United States, inside towering, windowless skyscrapers and fortress-like concrete structures that were built to withstand earthquakes and even nuclear attack. Thousands of people pass by the buildings each day and rarely give them a second […]