Medical facility opening for TI’s!

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Derrick Robinson | PACTS International 

Greetings, all. 

We've been having a great year thus far that just keeps getting better in spite of all the hype to the contrary.  

We are on an upward trajectory which keeps me motivated to achieve great things.  I could not speak about the events that happened this past weekend until now.  

So, here's the deal.  Dr. Hildegard Staninger and a group of other professionals gathered this past weekend with the founder of Targeted Justice, a PACTS, International board member, a documentary filmmaker and others to discuss the possibility of creating the first clinic to diagnose and treat targeted individuals. 

In addition, the organization of professionals has created a new action entity called 'Targeted and Angry Coalition'. Stay tuned for exciting information about how this coalition will assist us all.

For continual updates, visit and enter your email address for articles and updates on these important projects. Remember to share everything that comes through on social media that you have access to. Public awareness becomes a high priority for us with these projects.

Deserie will be presenting more details about these new activities on our Monday Night podcast tomorrow night. The steering group that came together this weekend wants your feedback. After you hear the podcast, please send your thoughts, your priorities, and your questions to Deserie at:

This is a bold and risky venture for us all, however, our urgent situation requires bold and risky action.

Deserie and I are excited that various groups and professions will be working together to help solve the targeted individual situation.

Public awareness creates validity and validation for each of us. Your social media participation can help make the difference from targeted individuals as a marginalized community to a mainstream community requiring immediate action.

Tune into our podcast Monday night and remember to sign up at: because the information coming through will be vital to us all.

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One Reply to “Medical facility opening for TI’s!

  1. Please tell me where this facility will be. Can I be put on a waiting list to get an appointment? I’d love to be kept up to date on progress. Thanks!

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