Tipereth Oracle by Ani Kaspar: 100 Surveillance Abuse Survivors With Robust Evidence Needed Immediately!


Head's UP SAS/TI Community and all others similarly situated:


100 SAS/TIs with robust evidence needed within one week!

One of the major reasons my targeting has been so extreme, especially over the last seven years is because, as many of you already know, I've been a human, civil, constitutional and LIFE rights advocate for the last 30 plus years. You can imagine just what a thorn in the side of psychopaths I am.  And those efforts resulted twice in major class actions that restored losses the

plaintiffs and class claimants had been forced to endure in some cases for decades.

The karma is this life destiny is intricately tied to paternal grandfather, a former nuclear physicist forced to labor under the Nazis and the Soviets for much of his remarkable life. He was an originator of LED, holograms and current EMF technology. And

he was an original founder of CERN. It seems to me after carefully reviewing his contributions to our world, he did his best given the compromised environment in which he was forced to gift his talents and focus.  But just in case, I am here to transform whatever negative his legacy labored under to a positive for our world today.

To that end I've placed my life in danger over the last two and a half years (and lost all) to assist our community and our world as a whole. Today  I received from a TOP LEGAL CLASS ACTION FIRM positive news in reference to a class action  for Computer Fraud and Abuse Act illegalties perpetrated against innocent Americans first  and foremost. It is entirely possible this action  could expand worldwide, if accepted by  inquiring legal counsel.

Immediately we need 50 people who have suffered surreal CFAA (and other applicable laws) violations  and who have robust evidence of such illegality.  Please see the following links for more information  about exactly what this level of legal address means  and requires:





Please know this potential class action is  significant for all electronic device users today.  It can also have major impact on domestic and international privacy and other electronic device  use laws. Your action today is truly our freedom tomorrow.

I would like to dedicate this effort not only to the  Tiphereth Oracle, a project of great inspiration and  still severe censorship for its evolutionary potential  but also to a man whose life inspired the project and a man who recognized early the past, current  and future problems inherent in a world of  information control and manipulation:

Aaron Swartz

Please see the following link for more information  on Aaron, a majestic soul our world lost in 2013 because he was committed exactly the types  of issues we five years later encounter daily with  our electronics and the internet:


Please know 10% of all Tiphereth Oracle earnings/ income are devoted to all efforts supporting  Aaron's vision and commitment. As you know,  once TTO is independently income robust we  will also launch an SAS/TI Emergency Fund.

Please see the following links for how to become  a patron and Angel Advocate for the Tiphereth Oracle and our other truth, transparency and transformation projects:



And please know without your immediate support - given the aggressive censorship we  endure - we will be unable to continue our work, achieve our goals and gift our world. With about  10 truly representative class members immediately available we can change our world today.

If you have suggestions, or need additional information, please contact Ani Kaspar directly  @ AniKaspar@protonmail.com and AniKaspar@gmail.com.

Thank you for being the change today!


The Tiphereth Oracle Team

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