Year: 2018

New Documents Reveal CIA Spied on Congress, Whistleblowers

Sharyl Atkinson | The Epoch Times | Source URL Newly declassified documents reveal the CIA—which is supposed to be strictly limited in the types of surveillance and other secret operations it conducts on U.S. soil—routinely monitors U.S. government computer systems. That information is contained in two formerly secret letters of […]

National bike share data program allows DOT’s to identify scooter and bike share users in real-time

Mass Private I | Source URL A recent article in Smart Cities Dive revealed that the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (DOT) will be partnering with Remix, Lime and Spin to create a mobility data standard for ride shares. A ‘mobility data standard’ is just a fancy way of saying a real-time scooter and bicycle tracking standard. […]

New Documents Reveal CIA Considered Reviving MK Ultra-like Programs

Derrick Broze | The Conscious Resistance | Source URL Documents released to the American Civil Liberties Union detail how the CIA considered using a controversial psychotropic drug as a ‘truth serum’. The American Civil Liberties Union has released documents from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Office of Medical Services detailing a […]

Companies keep losing your data because it doesn’t cost them anything

Cory Doctorow | Boing Boing | Source URL Data breaches keep happening, they keep getting worse, and yet companies keep collecting our data in ever-more-invasive ways, subjecting it to ever-longer retention, and systematically underinvesting in security. Why does this keep happening? Because it’s affordable. In 2014, Home Depot breached more […]

Strange Looking ‘Tesla Tower’ In Texas Aims To Transmute Electricity Wirelessly

Arjun WaliaCE | Collective Evolution | Source URL Is it possible to transmit electricity wirelessly? Some claim yes, that this type of technology was not only utilized in ancient times, like in Egypt for example but also by 19th-century scientists and mystic Nikola Tesla. Although Tesla has become quite a […]

USSOCOM, Army look to biometrics industry for new technologies for SOF of the future

A Request for Information (RFI) on methods of continuously authenticating user identity by a person’s distinctive characteristics using software-based biometrics or behavioral profiling is being sought by the Army Contracting Command-Aberdeen Proving Ground (ACC-APG), Huachuca Division, Fort Huachuca, Arizona. Meanwhile, under a continuing Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), the US Special […]

DHS-wide biometrics programs, issues, detailed in data mining report to Congress

The comprehensive, legally mandated new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Privacy Office’s Data Mining Report to Congress provides detailed updates on modifications, additions, and other developments to numerous department-wide programs that involve extensive data mining of biometric information to support DHS’s mission to protect the homeland, and provides examples of […]

Google’s “Smart City of Surveillance” Faces New Resistance in Toronto

Ava Kofman | The Intercept | Source URL The world’s most ambitious “smart city,” known as Quayside, in Toronto, has faced fierce public criticism since last fall, when the plans to build a neighborhood “from the internet up” were first revealed. Quayside represents a joint effort by the Canadian government agency […]

National facial recognition database to use loyalty rewards to identify American shoppers

Mass Private I | Source URL For years, I have been warning people about facial recognition in retail stores, but this story might convince you to avoid retail stores altogether. A recent article in Biometric Update. com (BU) reveals that retail stores have a master plan to convince Americans to […]

National biometric database could be on the way (and in private hands)

Greg Nichols | cNet | Source URL AI-based facial recognition and fingerprinting are allowing new levels of authentication, but privacy advocates should be concerned. When a national fingerprinting company joins forces with a startup that authenticates identity using AI-based facial recognition and behavioral prediction in natural settings, the future of […]

Facebook says its controversial new $200 ‘Portal’ video-calling device DOESN’T listen in on users – but admits it will monitor how you use it to create targeted ads

Annie Palmer & Tim Collins | The Daily Mail | Source URL Facebook has admitted its $200 Portal device, which goes on sale today in the US, will monitor user activity to serve lucrative personalized ads to owners.  The firm claims it collects devise usage information to understand how Portal is […]

Want to replace painful memories with happy ones? ‘Total Recall’ technology will soon let scientists tweak our brain waves… but it may allow cyber criminals to ‘steal’ our minds

Steven Adams | The Daily Mail | Source URL It’s a dream long held by science-fiction writers: that one day we will be able to erase painful memories and create happy ones. But now scientists at Oxford University say that fiction is closer to reality than we might have thought. […]

Congress Presses for Exact Timeline of Cuba Health Attacks

Susan Crabtree | Washington Free Beacon | Source URL A senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee is pressing the State Department for an exact timeline of when mysterious and still-unresolved health attacks began occurring against U.S. personnel in Cuba and China and is calling for the removal of […]

Google algorithm can monitor searches for ‘diarrhea’ and other symptoms of food poisoning in real time to warn you of unsafe restaurants

Annie Palmer | The Daily Mail | Source URL Google may soon tell you which restaurants could give you food poisoning. The tech giant is working with Harvard University to develop an algorithm that analyzes Google searches to spot which restaurants might have food safety issues. Researchers say it’s capable […]

A better way to diagnose depression? Scientists can now ‘see’ mood disorders using brain scans

The Daily Mail | Source URL Scientists can now see anxiety and depression by monitoring electrical signals in the brain, which could allow them to better diagnose and treat the mood disorders.   Both conditions are thought to be vastly under-diagnosed, and our methods of detecting them are highly subjective. Without […]

China’s brightest children are being recruited to develop AI ‘killer bots’

Stephen Chen | South China Morning Post | Source URL The 27 boys and four girls, all aged 18 and under, were selected for the four-year “experimental programme for intelligent weapons systems” at the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) from more than 5,000 candidates, the school said on its website. […]

Snowden Files Declaration in NSA Spying Case Confirming Authenticity of Draft Inspector General Report Discussing Unprecedented Surveillance of Americans, Which He Helped Expose

Cindy Cohn | Electronic Frontier Foundation | Source URL EFF filed papers with the court in its long-running Jewel v. NSA  mass spying case today that included a surprising witness: Edward Snowden. Mr. Snowden’s short declaration confirms that a document relied upon in the case, a draft NSA Inspector General […]