Year: 2017

Is this the future of online shopping? High-tech headset tracks the brain’s subconscious response to different items as you browse (and it’s proof clothes really CAN make you happy)

TTS Demo The Daily Mail All women will be familiar with that rush of excitement that comes when you lay eyes on the perfect LBD or pair of heels. But what if technology could harness that instinctive surge of emotion to help you make the right purchase – without so […]

Aurora officer fired amid criminal proceedings in Instagram harassment case The Chicago Tribune An Aurora police officer was fired after abusing department resources to access information about a woman amid criminal charges of harassment on social media, Aurora Police Department records show. In a letter recommending the city terminate Jonathan Olsen’s employment, which began in 2006, Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman […]

China Unveils Powerful Laser Gun Which Hits Terrorist Targets in Just One Second

iSpeech Sputnik News China has developed a powerful new counter-terrorism laser gun, which can hit targets at 200 meters within one second. The weapon has a handset for aiming, a back pack containing the power supply, a remote control and laser emitter, the developer Hongfeng, a company affiliated with China Aerospace Science […]

Scientists Just Used Brain Stimulation to Literally Change How People Think

iSpeech Dom Galeon Futurism HITTING THE RIGHT LOBES A team of researchers from Boston University (BU) has explored the possibility of enhancing a person’s ability to learn and control their behavior — in short, to change how people think — by stimulating the brain. BU researcher Robert Reinhart used a new form of brain stimulation, called […]

Synchronising brain waves using electric pulses could ‘turbocharge’ memory and help treat autism The Daily Mail Synchronising brain waves using pulses from electrodes can ‘turbocharge’ the brain, new research has found. The artificial mental boosts can be used when carrying out small tasks or recovering from mistakes. It can help improve memory, focus and self-control, researchers claim. The technique could eventually offer […]