Day: September 26, 2017

II-VI Launches Laser Bars For Directed Energy Weapons

Text to Speech Source II‐VI, a provider of high-power semiconductor laser components, has announced the commercial availability of its industry actively cooled laser bars, emitting 200W of continuous wave power with greater than 60 percent efficiency. These laser bars enable multi-kilowatt vertical stacks to optically pump neodymium-doped solid-state lasers, including […]

Round-Table/John Christiana, Dr. Katherine Horton, Karen Stewart – Suing Them[youtube] Open Conversation about how to sue the criminals hiding behind secrecy and national security and assaulting innocent civilians with deadly radiation weaponry as they traffick those they casually put “under surveillance” into unlawful terminal weapons-testing and neuro-experimentation contracts.

Lockheed Martin Destroys Drones in Latest Laser Weapons Demo Gizmodo Lasers are the future of war. And if this new video by defense company Lockheed Martin is any indication, that future is pretty damn close. Lockheed released a video showing off its latest tests of the 30-kilowatt class ATHENA (Advanced Test High Energy Asset) laser weapons system at the White […]