Day: June 8, 2017

Is YOUR phone spying on you? Shocking report reveals how Samsung devices can monitor what you view online using ultrasonic tracking Shivali Best The Daily Mail A shocking report has revealed that Samsung phones are using technology that can spy on users through a technique called ‘beaconing.’ The creepy technology can monitor everything you’re reading and watching online, including personal emails and even porn. In light of the findings, the […]

Nanotechnology reveals hidden depths of bacterial ‘machines’

iSpeech New research from the University of Liverpool, published in the journal Nanoscale, has probed the structure and material properties of protein machines in bacteria, which have the capacity to convert carbon dioxide into sugar through photosynthesis. Cyanobacteria are a phylum of bacteria that produce oxygen and energy during […]

Is your printer spying on you? Full list of manufacturers who use secret ‘tracking dots’ revealed

TTS Big name manufacturers who employ invisible yellow dot spy code revealed. James Billington IB Times When NSA contractor Reality Winner allegedly printed out a trove of top secret government information, little did she know that a hidden feature within the printer called tracking dots could forensically lead authorities straight […]

Omnisense/ Speaks Out: “Electronic Telepathy Cybernetic Secret Society Oversees the Targeting of Individuals”

iSpeech Ramola D Everyday Concerned Citizen Increasingly, as we step further into the 21st century, it is becoming clear to all informed observers that our very humanity is at risk as we plummet from the War on Terror to War on the Human Brain, via current ethics-stripped Corporate/Military/Academic drives toward […]

Hackers can use BRAINWAVES fed into gaming headsets to guess passwords and other private information

iSpeech.orgThe Daily Mail WHAT IS A BRAINWAVE-SENSING HEADSET? Brainwave-sensing headsets let you control on-screen and physical objects using just your mind. They electrodes to detect voltage changes in the brain’s outer layer, a technique known as electroencephalography or EEG. Devices must be trained to recognise users’ unique brain patterns. The first […]