Month: June 2017

The Rise of Partisan Violence and Political Extremism Phillip Fairbanks Inquisitr Is an increase in extremism from both sides of the partisan aisle in part or whole to blame for the rise in politically motivated violence? From Antifa violence, vandalism and assaults to protests and counter-protests devolving into riots, up to murder and attempted murder, the increasing […]

Laser strike: A high energy laser mounted on a helicopter shoots a target in groundbreaking test

iSpeech Rayethon Now this is what you call a breakthrough. A high energy laser mounted on an Apache AH-64 attack helicopter acquired and hit an unmanned target. The test was conducted by Raytheon and the U.S. Army Apache Program Management Office in collaboration with U.S. Special Operations Command at White Sands Missile Range, New […]

Brain signals deliver first targeted treatment for world’s most common movement disorder

Convert Text to Speech Jennifer Langston University of Washington via Science Daily Essential tremor is the world’s most common movement disorder, affecting an estimated 7 million people in the U.S. alone. The hallmark of this disease is an involuntary, rhythmic shaking during intentional movement, complicating everyday tasks like writing, eating […]

Scientists made an AI that can read minds

Text to Speech This new deep learning algorithm can analyze brain scans to predict thoughts. Tom Reagan Engadget Whether it’s using AI to help organize a Lego collection or relying on an algorithm to protect our cities, deep learning neural networks seemingly become more impressive and complex each day. Now, […]

The CIA has been hacking dozens of Wi-Fi routers and using them as covert listening points for at least a DECADE, leaked documents reveal

Text to Speech Harry Petit The Daily Mail Leaked CIA documents have revealed the agency has been hacking people’s Wi-Fi routers and using them as covert listening points. Infected routers are used to spy on the activity of internet-connected device, according to decade-old secret documents leaked on Thursday by Wikileaks. […]