May 20, 2019


May 14, 2019

Facebook Shuts Down Pro-Populist Italian Pages Before EU Elections

Breitbart | Source URL Facebook has shut down 23 major populist Italian pages with 2.5 million followers just two weeks before the European elections. According to Italian media, the majority of the pages supported the populist parties La Lega (The League) and the 5-Star Movement (M5S) — who currently govern
May 14, 2019

‘Fake News’ Is a Really Dangerous Excuse for Censorship

The supposed plague of misleading and harmful information on the internet is nothing new, nor is governments’ desire to muzzle anybody who says inconvenient things. J.D. Tuccille | Reason | Source URL You know what’s not fake news? It’s that politicians scream about the alleged dangers of “fake news” to
May 14, 2019 Took Down Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Cryptogon | Source URL There is a purge underway on the platform. Anyone dealing with controversial topics has to self host. It doesn’t mean that your hosting provider won’t terminate you, but you have a much better chance of remaining up than on any of the major blogging or
May 9, 2019

Microsoft to Release Version of Word That Makes Your Grammar ‘Politically Correct’

Paul Joseph Watson | Summit.News | Source URL Microsoft is set to release a new version of Word that uses artificial intelligence to make your writing ‘politically correct’. You know how annoying it is when the iPhone corrects ‘fucking’ to ‘ducking’ every time you type out the word? Imagine that
May 7, 2019

Bilderberg Elites Planned Free Speech Crackdown Prior to Trump Win, Internet ID Next Step

Daniel Taylor | Old Thinker News | Source URL In a speech delivered during the re:publica internet conference in Berlin, German President Frank Walter Steinmeier scolded Big Tech platforms for not doing enough to stifle “hate speech” online. Steinmeier said that new internet regulations could be the “…most effective way
May 2, 2019

Facebook bans extremist leaders including Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos for being ‘dangerous’

Elizabeth Dwoskin | The Washington Post | Source URL Correction: Louis Farrakhan is an extremist leader who has espoused anti-Semitic views. An earlier version of this story and headline incorrectly included him in a list of far-right leaders. Facebook said on Thursday it has permanently banned several far-right and anti-Semitic

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Weaponized Directed Energy

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Legal Issues

May 10, 2019

A medical device company is surgically implanting an unapproved ‘pellet’ in prisoners as part of a ‘pilot program’ to treat addiction

Natalie Rahhal  | The Daily Mail | Source URL A Louisiana prisoner has been implanted with an unapproved ‘pellet’ to treat addiction.  The inmate is soon to be released from a Louisiana Department of Corrections (DOC) facility and is the first of 10 patients that California-based BioCorRx intends to place the
April 24, 2019

Mass. high court requires warrants for stingray, GPS phone surveillance

Privacy SOS | Source URL n June 2018, the United States Supreme Court issued a landmark digital privacy ruling, holding that police must obtain a warrant before asking our cellphone companies to turn over information showing where we’ve been in the past. In that case, Carpenter v. US, police had
April 12, 2019

Illinois almost passed a bill that banned devices that record you without your consent — and then Big Tech stepped in

Cory Doctorow | Boing Boing | Source URL This week, Keep Internet Devices Safe Act was gutted by the Illinois senate: it would have allowed people sue manufacturers if they determined that a device had engaged in remote recording without notifying its owner. The Senate was heavily lobbied by trade
March 24, 2019

Senators Question DOJ’s Surveillance of Americans’ Cell Phone Location Records

Brandi Vincent | NextGov | Source URL Lawmakers want the attorney general to explain how the collection of cellular location data has changed following a recent SCOTUS decision. A bipartisan group of senators questioned the Justice Department this week regarding how the government’s treatment of cellphone-generated location data in national
March 5, 2019

DOJ Moving Ahead With Its Attempt To Prosecute Julian Assange; Subpoenas Chelsea Manning

Tim Cushing | TechDirt | Source URL The DOJ is still moving ahead with its plan to attack free speech protections. More than eight years in the making, the attempted prosecution of Julian Assange for publishing leaked documents forges ahead slowly, threatening every journalist in its path. Wikileaks isn’t the
February 12, 2019

Trump signs ‘American AI Initiative’ executive order to prioritize federal funding for artificial intelligence research

Xeni Jardin | Boing Boing | Source URL There aren’t many details in Trump’s “American A.I. Initiative,” but the point appears to be: send a message of technological dominance to China. President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday intended to boost America’s global position in artificial intelligence. While nothing


February 1, 2019

With Cash Handouts, India Takes Step Toward Universal Basic Income

Eric Bellman | The Wall Street Journal | Source URL Government promises payouts to help hundreds of millions of small farmers NEW DELHI—India unveiled huge handouts for farmers, setting the stage for an election-year spending spree, a possible prelude to implementing a universal basic income in an effort to deal
January 4, 2019

Bokhari: The Terrifying Rise of Financial Blacklisting

Allum Bokhari | Breitbart | Source URL It is the most totalitarian form of blacklisting: not just to be prevented from speaking on a university campus, or to be kicked off social media, but to be shut out of the entire financial system. That is the terrifying new threat to
December 4, 2018

Microsoft and MasterCard working on universal online identification standard

Andrew O’Hara | Apple Insider | Source URL Microsoft and MasterCard announced that they are teaming up to create a digital identity solution to help protect consumers across the shopping, investment and travel industries. Near everyone has the issue of managing their digital identities, including multiple passwords, two-factor authentication, and
December 4, 2018

Amazon Tests Its Cashierless Technology for Bigger Stores

Heather Haddon & Laura Stevens | The Wall Street Journal | Source URL Inc. AMZN 4.86% is testing its cashierless checkout technology for bigger stores, according to people familiar with the matter. If successful, the strategy would further challenge brick-and-mortar retailers racing to make their businesses more convenient. The
November 22, 2018

Amazon Rolling Out ‘Amazon Pay’ Digital Wallet In Physical Stores

Tyler Durden | ZeroHedge | Source URL As FAANG stocks lead the market lower during what has become a relentless Q4 selloff, Amazon is hoping to reassure anxious investors that the company’s relentless expansion and revenue growth will continue. To wit, the company is taking another big step toward establishing
November 3, 2018

Walmart joins the cashless game – but can small merchants afford this?

Gene Marks | The Guardian | Source URL This new form of automated self-service shopping will sweep the industry, but the impact for small business is enormous Last month, and on the heels of its latest cashier-less grocery store opening in Chicago, Bloomberg reported that the online giant is

Mental Health

February 14, 2019

How sleep deprivation ruins your mental health

Zoey Sky | Natural News | Source URL When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re tired and cranky the next day. However, sleep deprivation also affects your emotional and mental health in four different ways. It makes you more emotionally reactive. If you’re sleep deprived, you may lose your temper
January 9, 2019

‘They Can Do Whatever They Want To You,’ Says Woman Who Claims She’s Been ‘Brain-Mapped’ By Electronic Stalkers’

Dr. Phil Show | Source URL Debbie says she believes she is being “electronically harassed” by people who shock her with electricity, have “brain-mapped” her and project visions of aliens through her optic nerve.  “They can do whatever they want to you,” she claims.  “I know how crazy it sounds
January 6, 2019

Health advocates say schizophrenia should be reclassified as a brain disease

Brianna Ehley | Politico | Source URL Mental health advocates are lobbying Congress to help them get schizophrenia classified as a brain disease like Parkinson’s or Alzheimers, instead of as a mental illness, a move that could reduce stigma and lead to more dollars for a cure. Federal health officials,
December 19, 2018

Human rights body calls on US school to ban electric shocks on children

Ed Pilkington | The Guardian | Source URL Inter-American Commission on Human Rights issued a notice to the Judge Rotenberg Center to immediately stop the shocks An international body entrusted with upholding human rights across the Americas has called for an immediate ban on the controversial use of electric shocks
October 9, 2018

The rise of cyberchondria and cyberhoarding: Internet use is fuelling new conditions where people compulsively self-diagnose health issues and stockpile data

Faith Ridler | The Daily Mail | Source URL The internet could be fuelling a range of new mental health disorders such as cyberchondria, online hoarding, and shopping addictions, experts have warned. A group dubbed The European Problematic Use of the Internet Research Network have now called for internet companies
May 11, 2018

What Is the Psychological Toll of Stalking?

Romeo Vitelli Ph.D. | Psychology Today | Source URL “What are you going to do? Are you going to live in the dark, locked in here? Afraid to look out, answer the door, leave? Yes, he’s out there, and he’s clearly not going to leave you alone until one of
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