November 21, 2018


November 6, 2018

Sir Tim Berners-Lee launches ‘Magna Carta for the web’ to save internet from abuse

Yahoo News | Source URL Sir Tim Berners-Lee has launched a “Magna Carta for the web”, warning that tech giants must change their ways to save the online world from the dangerous forces they have unleashed. Sir Tim, who invented the World Wide Web in 1989, called for a “revolution”
November 3, 2018 Australia is the Testbed for the World’s Most Extreme Copyright Blocks

Cory Doctorow | Electronic Frontier Foundation | Source URL It’s been three years since Australia adopted a national copyright blocking system, despite widespread public outcry over the abusive, far-reaching potential of the system, and the warnings that it would not achieve its stated goal of preventing copyright infringement. Three years
October 29, 2018

In Wake of Synagogue Shooting, Social Media Purge Continues With Removal of Twitter Alternative

Whitney Webb | MintPress News | Source URL PITTSBURGH — In the wake of the mass shooting at the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday, action has been taken to remove an alternative social media network on which the shooter responsible for Saturday’s massacre, Robert Bowers, had posted. The
October 29, 2018

SPLC Leads Soros-Funded Groups in ‘Orwellian’ Attempt to Ban ‘Hate Speech’ on Social Media

Tyler O’Neil | PJ Media | Source URL Last week, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) teamed up with five other groups funded by George Soros to pressure tech companies to “reduce hateful activities on their platforms.” While this sounds like a noble goal, mainstream conservative and Christian groups that
October 29, 2018

Murder in Pittsburgh and the Targeting of Alternative Social Media

Kurt Nimmo | Another Day in the Empire | Source URL Robert Bowers, the suspected shooter at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, is being used to denounce social media not on the corporate reservation. Bowers had an account on Gab, the free speech social media alternative to Twitter and Facebook, where
October 26, 2018

Report: Google to launch censored Search in China despite denials

The NextWeb | Source URL Google intends to launch a censored version of its Search app for China sometime in the next six to nine months, according to a leaked transcript from a private employee meeting held last month. The Intercept’s Ryan Gallagher today reported the company’s Search engine chief, Ben

Organized Stalking


Weaponized Directed Energy

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Legal Issues

November 14, 2018

New California Bill Proposal Aims To Protect ‘Targeted Individuals’

Richard Enos | Collective Evolution | Source URL When German soldiers used the “I was just following orders” defense during the Nuremberg trials as a justification for heinous war crimes, it was established that “defense of superior orders” is not a defense for war crimes. As Nuremberg Principle IV states,
November 10, 2018

Why Trump Can End Birthright Citizenship by Executive Order

Heritage Foundation | Source URL When it comes to the 14th Amendment, my good friend and fellow Justice Department veteran Andy McCarthy agrees that it does not require birthright citizenship. And we’re not alone: Other experts, such as noted constitutional law scholar John Eastman, law professor and former dean of
November 6, 2018

Snowden Files Declaration in NSA Spying Case Confirming Authenticity of Draft Inspector General Report Discussing Unprecedented Surveillance of Americans, Which He Helped Expose

Cindy Cohn | Electronic Frontier Foundation | Source URL EFF filed papers with the court in its long-running Jewel v. NSA  mass spying case today that included a surprising witness: Edward Snowden. Mr. Snowden’s short declaration confirms that a document relied upon in the case, a draft NSA Inspector General
November 5, 2018

A Leading-Edge California Bill Proposal, That Fully Outlaws Organized Stalking, is Currently Under Review by Lawmakers

Medium | Source URL This essay is the work of the award winning Writer, Journalist, Educator and Activist Ramola Dharmaraj. I am republishing it here with full permission and encouragement from the author — with the intention of gaining wider publicity for the cause. Other than the essay title language, graphic design
November 5, 2018

Surveillance Targets Deserve Answers About Mysterious Wiretaps

Zack Whittaker | Tech Crunch | Source URL An unexpected declaration by whistleblower Edward Snowden filed in court this week adds a new twist in a long-running lawsuit against the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs. The case, filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation a decade ago, seeks to challenge the
November 5, 2018

Conservatives want to bypass usual way to amend Constitution

NEW YORK (AP) — Whatever success Republicans have amassed in taking control of all three branches of U.S. government, and whatever fate awaits them as midterm elections near, some on the right are working to cement change by amending the Constitution. And to the mounting alarm of others on all


November 3, 2018

Walmart joins the cashless game – but can small merchants afford this?

Gene Marks | The Guardian | Source URL This new form of automated self-service shopping will sweep the industry, but the impact for small business is enormous Last month, and on the heels of its latest cashier-less grocery store opening in Chicago, Bloomberg reported that the online giant is
October 9, 2018

Military Laser Systems Market Country Level Analysis, Current Industry Size & Future Prospective with Key Company Profiles: Northrop Grumman, Coherent, Lockheed Martin, Thales, Raytheon, BAE, Quantel

Press Release | Source URL Military Laser Systems Market Research Report 2018 published By Market Research Future, provides information on Global Military Laser Systems Industry Size, Share, Trends, Growth and Opportunity Assessment, Regional Analysis and Segmentation By Application (Military/Defense and Law Enforcement), by Technology (Laser Fiber, Solid Fiber, Chemical Laser,
September 27, 2018

Lockheed Martin Wins $289M Deal for M142 HIMARS Launchers

NASDAQ | Source URL Lockheed Martin Corp . LMT recently secured a $289.2-million modification contract for the delivery of 24 M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) launchers and spare parts. The contract was awarded by the U.S. Army Contracting Command, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Work related to the deal will be carried out
September 21, 2018

Amazon Aims to Open 3,000 Cashierless Stores By 2021, Threatening Convenience Stores

Aaron Kesel | Activist Post | Source URL Amazon is considering opening 3,000 cashierless Amazon Go stores by 2021, Bloomberg reported. A move into retail by the online giant would threaten convenience stores and fast-food chains across the U.S. by selling items to customers cheaper and faster. Current existing Amazon
September 12, 2018

America moves closer to being a cashless society

Bob Sullivan | Acorns via Marketwatch | Source URL If you want to buy a beer at Flatstick pub in Seattle, don’t whip out a $10 bill to pay—you’ll walk away thirsty. Flatstick, a hot new mini-chain in the Pacific Northwest, doesn’t take cash. Neither does Bluestone Lane, a coffee
July 18, 2018

Chicago May Become Largest City In U.S. to Try Universal Basic Income

Note: This is part of the Mark of the Beast Crisis in Revelation 13, 17, and 18 (Sunday Law + Universal Income + Cashless Society) Zaid Jilani | The Intercept | Source URL CHICAGO ALDERMAN AMEYA PAWAR is worried about the future. He is concerned that a coming wave of automation

Mental Health

October 9, 2018

The rise of cyberchondria and cyberhoarding: Internet use is fuelling new conditions where people compulsively self-diagnose health issues and stockpile data

Faith Ridler | The Daily Mail | Source URL The internet could be fuelling a range of new mental health disorders such as cyberchondria, online hoarding, and shopping addictions, experts have warned. A group dubbed The European Problematic Use of the Internet Research Network have now called for internet companies
May 11, 2018

What Is the Psychological Toll of Stalking?

Romeo Vitelli Ph.D. | Psychology Today | Source URL “What are you going to do? Are you going to live in the dark, locked in here? Afraid to look out, answer the door, leave? Yes, he’s out there, and he’s clearly not going to leave you alone until one of
March 19, 2018

It Begins: Florida Police Now Confiscating Guns From People With No Due Process

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project | Source URL Broward, FL — In what’s being called the first gun confiscation of its kind in Florida, police have taken four guns and a couple hundred rounds of ammunition from a 56-year-old Lighthouse Point man. The man was not tried, had not
March 7, 2018

DARPA’s Brain Chip Implants Could Be the Next Big Mental Health Breakthrough—Or a Total Disaster

Kristen V. Brown | Gizmodo | Source URL How did a Massachusetts woman end up with two electrodes implanted into her brain? Why is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency developing a controversial, cutting-edge brain chip technology that could one day treat everything from major depressive disorder to hand cramps?
October 18, 2017

Intelligent people more at risk of mental illness, study finds

Henry Austin | The Independent | Source URL The stereotype of a tortured genius may have a basis in reality after a new study found that people with higher IQs are more at risk of developing mental illness. A team of US researchers surveyed 3,715 members of American Mensa with an IQ
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