September 25, 2018



September 22, 2018

Google’s ex-CEO Eric Schmidt says the internet will split in two by 2028

Isobel Asher Hamilton | Business Insider | Source URL Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt on Wednesday predicted that the internet will split in two in the next decade, CNBC reports. Speaking at a private event in San Francisco, Schmidt said that he believes China will effectively split away and create its
September 21, 2018

PayPal Gives InfoWars the boot

Seamus Bellamy | Boing Boing | Source URL If I’d known that this month was going to be so fully of celebratory toasts to Alex Jones’ bigoted InfoWars media empire being torn apart, piece-by-piece, I’d have bought one of those magnum-sized bottles of Jameson from Costco. From The Verge: PayPal
September 20, 2018

Apple Is Now Giving People “Trust Scores” Based on Their Calls and Emails

Mac Slavo | SHTFPlan | Source URL This information will likely not be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to Big Tech’s increasing propensity to violate the privacy of users and use their data for questionable reasons, but here we are. Two days ago, the tech website
September 19, 2018

Declassified Documents Expose DOJ Rules for Spying on Journalists with Secret Court

Derrick Broze | The Free Thought Project | Source URL Newly released documents detail never before seen Department of Justice rules relating to conducting surveillance on journalists suspected of being an agent of a foreign government. On Monday the Freedom of the Press Foundation released Department of Justice documents detailing
September 18, 2018

Government Can Spy on Journalists in the U.S. Using Invasive Foreign Intelligence Process

Cora Currier | The Intercept | Source URL THE U.S. GOVERNMENT can monitor journalists under a foreign intelligence law that allows invasive spying and operates outside the traditional court system, according to newly released documents. Targeting members of the press under the law, known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, requires
September 16, 2018

The Social Media Purge and How It Affects Everyone

Daisy Luther | Activist Post | Source URL Just about every website owner I know is feeling personally victimized by the recent social media purge that has been going on.  But here’s an interesting fact: it isn’t, as is widely perceived, just conservative voices that are being silenced. It is dissenting voices.

Organized Stalking

Newport Beach police launch true-crime podcast in effort to hasten capture of suspected killer

Hannah Fry | The Los Angeles Times | Source URL Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 After a fruitless years-long search for a fugitive murder suspect, Newport Beach authorities are taking a very different approach toward capturing their man: On Wednesday, they announced the release of a
Brian Marks Sep 20, 2018 0

Police officers given extra training on ‘risks of stalking behaviour’ after potential misconduct in Alice Ruggles murder

Sep 13, 2018

Regina media outlets targeted with graffiti and break-in overnight

Sep 12, 2018

Facebook ‘censors’ conservative education page, says it was a mistake, but few are convinced

Aug 19, 2018

“Citizens Police Academies” are used to improve community relations and influence voters

Aug 14, 2018

United States of Paranoia: Surveillance of Suspects or Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals

Aug 6, 2018

Electronic Abuse

Directed Energy Weapons

Mental Health

May 11, 2018

What Is the Psychological Toll of Stalking?

Romeo Vitelli Ph.D. | Psychology Today | Source URL “What are you going to do? Are you going to live in the dark, locked in here? Afraid to look out, answer the door, leave? Yes, he’s out there, and he’s clearly not going to leave you alone until one of
March 19, 2018

It Begins: Florida Police Now Confiscating Guns From People With No Due Process

Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project | Source URL Broward, FL — In what’s being called the first gun confiscation of its kind in Florida, police have taken four guns and a couple hundred rounds of ammunition from a 56-year-old Lighthouse Point man. The man was not tried, had not
March 7, 2018

DARPA’s Brain Chip Implants Could Be the Next Big Mental Health Breakthrough—Or a Total Disaster

Kristen V. Brown | Gizmodo | Source URL How did a Massachusetts woman end up with two electrodes implanted into her brain? Why is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency developing a controversial, cutting-edge brain chip technology that could one day treat everything from major depressive disorder to hand cramps?
October 18, 2017

Intelligent people more at risk of mental illness, study finds

Henry Austin | The Independent | Source URL The stereotype of a tortured genius may have a basis in reality after a new study found that people with higher IQs are more at risk of developing mental illness. A team of US researchers surveyed 3,715 members of American Mensa with an IQ
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