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Chinese schools scanning children’s brains to see if they are concentrating

Chinese schools scanning children’s brains to see if they are concentrating

Chris Baynes | The Independent | Source URL Headbands that monitor concentration by reading brain signals have been trialled on thousands of Chinese schoolchildren. The devices could soon be used on millions of students across China, according to the US tech company which designed them. Massachusetts-based start-up BrainCo says its […]

Online trolls and cyberbullies in NSW face up to five years in jail under law change

Bellinda Kontominas | ABC.net | Source URL Laws will be strengthened to protect people from cyberbullying and online trolling and keep up with changes to technology, the New South Wales Government has announced. The changes aim to address an emerging trend of offenders threatening and harassing victims online through social […]

Zoos to install checkpoints, search visitors and bags

Mass Private I The never-ending push to turn every public venue into an extension of the Police State is now moving to zoos. Their justification, public safety of course. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo wants to install checkpoints, metal detectors, bag searches and much more. Last month the Smithsonian sent a security proposal to the National […]

Experts Say Keep Amazon’s Alexa Away From Your Kids

Sam Biddle | The Intercept | Source URL WHAT’S THE BEST way to keep adults from questioning the use of a deeply problematic product? Get them started when they’re too young to question anything. Amazon has a new addition to its line of voice-commanded artificial intelligence Alexa assistants, marketed for use by children as young […]