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China Rapidly Building Advanced Arms for Use Against U.S.

Space weapons, drones using artificial intelligence priority in Beijing military buildup Bill Gertz | Washington Free Beacon | Source URL China is rapidly building space weapons and other advanced arms infused with artificial intelligence capabilities as part of Beijing’s bid for military dominance, according to a congressionally sponsored study. Anti-satellite […]

Marines test drone-killer weapons, autonomous battlefield transports and other new urban warfare technologies in 10 days of exercises

Keith Griffith | The Daily Mail | Source URL The Marine Corps has held 10 days of battle simulations and exercises to test out new urban warfare technologies. The exercises, dubbed Urban 5th Generation Marine Exploration and Experimentation 2018 (U5G), ran from March 15 to 25 in Camp Pendelton in […]

The Army Wants This Modular, Universal System To Shield Its Armor From Rockets And Missiles

Joseph Trevithick | The Drive | Source URL The U.S. Army has hired Lockheed Martin to continue development of a universal control system that will be able to run current and future active protection systems to defend a variety of vehicles. The goal of the Modular Active Protection Systems program, or MAPS, is to […]