Category: Remote Neural Monitoring

Is There Really Such A Thing As Remote Mind Control?

Activist Post | Source URL What a question to ask!  However, in the high tech world of microwaves and electromagnetic frequencies, mind control actually may be possible, including not being disregarded or excluded, when investigating the apparent weird behavior patterns exhibited in recent events where many actors say they ‘heard’ […]

Computer system transcribes words users “speak silently”

Larry Hardesty | MIT News | Source URL MIT researchers have developed a computer interface that can transcribe words that the user verbalizes internally but does not actually speak aloud. The system consists of a wearable device and an associated computing system. Electrodes in the device pick up neuromuscular signals in […]

Companies using controversial AI software to help hire or fire employees – and gauge whether they like their boss

Annie Palmer | The Daily Mail | Source URL Sometime soon, artificial intelligence could be to blame for you getting hired or fired. A growing number of employers have turned to AI to make hiring and firing decisions, as well as to determine how people feel about their bosses, according to the […]

Electric shock to the brain boosts memory ’15 per cent’

Henry Bodkin The Telegraph A device that gives the brain electric shocks has prompted hope for Alzheimer’s patients after an initial trial showed it could improve memory by 15 per cent. The US study was described as “promising” by British Experts, but they cautioned it was too early to say for sure if […]

Scientists Just Used Brain Stimulation to Literally Change How People Think

Dom Galeon Futurism HITTING THE RIGHT LOBES A team of researchers from Boston University (BU) has explored the possibility of enhancing a person’s ability to learn and control their behavior — in short, to change how people think — by stimulating the brain. BU researcher Robert Reinhart used a new form of brain stimulation, called high-definition […]

Nanoparticles can help scientists brighten their research—but they also can throw off microscopic measurements

Physorg Gold nanoparticles brighten the fluorescent dyes researchers use to highlight and study proteins, bacteria and other cells, but the nanoparticles also introduce an artifact that makes the dye appear removed from the target it’s illuminating. Now, a University of Michigan team has determined how to account for the discrepancy […]