About The T.I. Chronicles

The T.I. Chronicles is the news website for Surveillance Abuse Survivors Network.  The T.I. Chronicles uses the latest news from the mainstream and alternative media that shows proof of every tactic the government uses to discredit, and destroy the lives of targeted individuals.  Since this is a comprehensive and controversial issue, we report on all aspects of the problem from the abuse of our civil liberties, to the technologies involved, to the awareness program Surveillance Abuse Survivors are engaged in to enlighten the masses.  

Our aim is to build up a news operation for the Surveillance Abuse Survivor Community (Targeted Individual Community).  Our belief is we must build up our own media in order to reach the masses, since the majority of the mainstream media can not be trusted to present in a credible fashion the plight of Surveillance Abuse Survivors.  The continuous assault on Targeted Individuals by the mainstream media, and even some in the alternative media necessitates this.

With your donations, we will be able to keep this site, and our sister sites, Surveillance Abuse Survivors Network (SASN), and our  upcoming social network / live streaming network, SASN Social, our aim will be to have 24 hour, 7 days a week coverage and exposure on both streaming radio and television in a full fledged exposure of the Surveillance Abuse Program that is being utilized by our government against all Americans, and in particular Targeted Individuals, who are the lab rats for the heinous program.